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ESG Framework Management

Collect sustainability data from across the organisation and its suppliers. Instantly map ESG performance indicators to GRI, SASB, UN SDGs, CDP, Certified B Corporation, or other frameworks to show progress and discover new sustainability opportunities.

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Assess third parties to determine their sustainability efforts. Benchmark results against a broader pool of suppliers. Integrate results with your RFP/RFI process and with Scope 3 data capture frameworks that third parties require for reporting.

Environmental Sustainability Management

Collect and highlight results from natural resources mix and greenhouse gas emission calculations to see how environmental sustainability initiatives are impacted.

Conflict Minerals Management

Integrate supplier data to manage responsible sourcing of conflict minerals. Ensure suppliers are Dodd-Frank and EU Conflict Mineral compliant. Create Conflict Mineral Report Template (CMRT) reports ready for SEC Form SD filing.

Mitigate Risk, Meet Reporting Deadlines, and Drive Action