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Your all-in-one employee compliance task management software

Make finding, understanding and completing compliance tasks faster and easier with a single portal for employee compliance task management.

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Consolidate tasks

Consolidate all employee compliance tasks

Meet deadlines

Highlights deadlines and keeps employees on track

Instant help

Provide instant AI-driven answers to policy questions

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One to-do list for all compliance activities

We know the struggle: keeping your team on top of compliance tasks across different systems, documents and emails can be time-consuming and frustrating. Our personalized compliance task management portal gives all those tasks an easy-to-access home. 

Your people can access their personal NAVEX One Compliance Hub portal to:  

  • Find compliance tasks and resources without searching across systems and tools 
  • Raise issues, check deadlines and complete training without leaving the portal  
  • Get real-time answers to compliance queries
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The AI compliance expert built into NAVEX One Compliance Hub

NAVEX One Compliance Assistant is your all-hours compliance expert. Companion to your other solutions and built into NAVEX One Compliance Hub, it pulls information directly from your policies and documentation to help your people understand compliance anytime, anywhere.

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Your window into convenient compliance task management

Experience the ease of complete compliance task management via one, user-friendly portal. Learn how NAVEX One Compliance Hub supports your GRC program today.