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Our team of risk, compliance, and environmental, social, governance (ESG) experts are here to help you understand the solutions you need for a risk-resilient business.

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• Personalise live demonstrations of NAVEX solutions for your team
• Answer your questions with deep industry expertise

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The NAVEX One Risk & Compliance Management Platform includes:

✓ Policy & Procedure Management

✓ Code of Conduct

✓ Ethics & Compliance Training

✓ Hotline & Incident Management

✓ Disclosure Management

✓ Third Party Risk Monitoring & Screening

✓ Analytics & Benchmarking

✓ Third Party Risk

✓ Business Continuity Management

✓ Privacy, Risk and Compliance Management

✓ Health and Safety Management

✓ IT Risk Management

✓ Operational Risk Management

✓ ESG Framework Management

✓ Environmental Sustainability Management

✓ Responsible Supply Chain Management

✓ Conflict Minerals Management