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Conquer UK Modern Slavery Act Requirements with NAVEX One

Your company must protect its employees and workers in the supply chain from modern slavery and forced labor. Comply with modern slavery laws using NAVEX One solutions.

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What is the UK Modern Slavery Act?

The 2015 Modern Slavery Act is legislation with the aim to address contemporary slavery within the UK, bringing together and refining previous laws about trafficking and slavery. While the act primarily pertains to England and Wales, specific provisions are relevant in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Why should you care?

  • Legal compliance - Upholding the tenets of the Act is not just a moral imperative – it’s a legal necessity. Failure to comply may lead to severe legal repercussions, penalties and fines. 
  • Ethical responsibility - Embracing the Act underscores your organization’s commitment to ethical business practices. By taking a stand against modern slavery, your company sends a powerful message about values. 
  • Reputation management- Conforming to the Act protects your company’s reputation. In an era where consumers, investors and partners scrutinize the ethical dimensions of business operations, aligning with the Act demonstrates a dedication to sustainability and ethical practices.  
  • Market access and partnerships - By embracing the principles outlined in the Act, your organization opens doors to international trade and collaborations. Many countries and organizations globally prioritize responsible supply chain management. 
  • Risk mitigation - Actively adhering to the Act is a proactive measure to mitigate various risks associated with supply chain disruptions, legal issues and reputational damage.

Discover how NAVEX One can help your company to comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act