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What is compliance to an HR pro – and why is it important?

Think of HR compliance as an investment in your people, your reputation and the long-term success of your company. When your employees feel secure, respected and safe, you can: 

  • Safeguard your team’s trust – Protect their sensitive information and demonstrate their privacy matters to you 
  • Resolve issues fast and fairly – Handle concerns with sensitivity and confidence, minimizing disruption and fostering a safe environment 
  • Be a proactive problem-solver – Identify potential risks before they become crises, protecting your employees’ well-being and your organization’s bottom line 
  • Champion ethical behavior – Build a culture of integrity, attract top talent and earn customer trust
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Simplifying HR compliance protects your people... and your peace of mind

Between outdated spreadsheets, confusing policies and never-ending training requirements, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by compliance – let alone the uncertainty of never knowing if HR is truly making a difference. Your list of worries spans many areas: 

  • Legal uncertainty – Struggling to keep up with ever-changing employment laws, leaving you unsure if your policies and practices are truly compliant 
  • Time-consuming training – Wasting precious hours creating and delivering HR compliance training … and then not knowing who completed it 
  • Audit anxiety – Fearing audits will uncover gaps in your compliance program, exposing your company to risk 
  • Limited resources – Feeling stretched thin, unsure where to find reliable legal expertise or how to justify investments in compliance tools.
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The HR compliance checklist: what you need to deliver

It’s not enough to just react to incoming requests, problems and queries. Proactive HR leaders take these key steps to stay ahead of the curve: 

  • Centralized and secured data – A platform that offers robust encryption, access controls and aligns with key privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. 
  • Streamlined incident reporting – Accessible channels, including options for anonymity, and fair and thorough investigations. 
  • Updates on regulations – Awareness of relevant changes to laws related to wage and hour regulations, remote work policies and discrimination protections. 
  • Clear training and awareness – Easily-accessible policies, inclusive and flexible training and completion tracking for picking up missed deadlines. 
  • Measured success – Tracking of key metrics to showcase the impact of your compliance initiatives and build a data-driven case for resources and new activities.
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