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Navigate and Protect Your Organization From Privacy Risks

Data privacy regulations like CCPA and patient privacy regulations like HIPAA require you to handle data in a responsible way. Privacy Risk Management, part of the NAVEX IRM solution, helps you create a scalable, multi-regulation program that identifies and manages risks to meet new and expanding requirements.

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Privacy management solutions for ongoing and ever-changing regulations

Assess the Impact of Potential Data Breaches

Helps you to understand the types of data your company stores. Tracks how data flows throughout your organisation. Determines the impact of a potential data breach.

Protect Customer Data With a Data Security Plan

Forms a scalable privacy programme to meet new and expanding requirements. Identifies and manages privacy compliance requirements. Implements best practice security frameworks to create policies.

Understand How Risk Impacts Operations and Privacy Objectives

Defines your privacy landscape to create a real-time, centralised place for viewing, understanding and monitoring. Records data processing activities. Performs privacy impact assessments.

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