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GRC Solutions by Role

An ethics and compliance program that truly protects your organization must have ownership across all functions and roles in the organization, and from the most senior executive to frontline employees. However, there are certain roles within organizations that have specific roles to play—and unique challenges and opportunities to contribute. NAVEX is uniquely positioned to help individuals in key departments and functions.

Risk & Compliance

As a compliance officer, you’ve been tasked with building a corporate risk and compliance programme that protects your organisation from legal, financial and regulatory risk.

Staying on top of your unique regulatory guidelines, legal and cultural landscape while building a strong organisational culture of ethics and respect is not easy—and it’s why we’re here to help.

Human Resources

Recruiting, on-boarding, training, handling allegations of misconduct, employee relations, workplace investigations and more: HR officers are critical in protecting their organisations from legal, reputational and financial risk and ensuring ethical behaviour.

Board of Directors

To fulfill their oversight duties, board members must understand their ethical responsibility as well as their compliance programme and its requirements thoroughly enough to ensure its structure and effectiveness.


Integrated GRC software increases the productivity of your audit management process, including assessment, planning, scheduling, preparation, review, report generation and issue tracking.

Quality Control

Let NAVEX help you meet the expectation to help your organisation produce the highest possible quality products and processes while adhering to regulatory standards.

Information Technology

The connection between IT and compliance is clear: you have a greater chance of protecting your organisation (and saving millions of dollars) through comprehensive cyber security training for all of your employees and vendors.

Procurement & Supply Chain

Procurement and supply chain professionals are facing more scrutiny and more supplier risk—in part due to a barrage of ever-evolving global legal and regulatory requirements related to working with third parties, vendors and suppliers.