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Building a safer, stronger, and sustainable future through smart risk management.

At NAVEX, we believe confidence in tomorrow begins with smart risk and compliance decisions today. NAVEX offers tools to better understand risk and compliance health, and to manage GRC programs simply, efficiently, and holistically.

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Regulatory Risk

Organizations in all sectors face constantly changing, increasingly complex regulations. Compliance failures can lead not to fines and sanctions, but reputational damage that can ruin years’ worth of careful brand building in minutes. Meeting this challenge requires establishing compliance metrics that are documented and auditable across functions – an impossible task to manage manually.

Our NAVEX One platform is an integrated platform of GRC management software that gives you the tools to better anticipate and navigate emerging risks, including those arising from ethical lapses and other bad behaviors which expose your organization to legal, operational, and reputational harm.

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Business Risk

Operational risks are everywhere. Risks from IT security vulnerabilities, third parties, health and safety issues, and system outages increase exponentially as your business grows. Failure to detect and prevent operational disruption puts the whole business at risk.

Our NAVEX IRM solution is an integrated solution that provides a contextual understanding of business and regulatory risks by connecting departments, business units, and disparate data silos to bring visibility to risks from across the entire organization.

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Sustainability Risk

Today, corporate responsibility isn’t just smart; it’s expected. ESG metrics are increasingly common in financial reporting and customer communications. Demonstrating ESG value has the power to attract employees and investors – just as ignoring it risks drive them away.

Our NAVEX ESG solution offers an automated suite of products focused on sustainability risks that help organizations take the first step in integrating environmental, social, and governance strategies into their DNA by building consensus, creating goals and budgets, and taking measured actions.

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People Risk

Strong, ethical cultures outperform the competition. Employees seek companies with strong cultures, and expect safe workplaces. Failure to manage this risk can lead to a toxic culture resulting in legal actions, reputational harm, decreased shareholder value, and the inability to attract and retain talent.

Our NAVEX E&C solution offers a comprehensive suite of ethics and regulatory compliance software aligned with international regulations, guidance and directives that solves for people risks.

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