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Higher Education Risk Management Solutions

There are many federal laws and regulations governing colleges and universities – and they are continually changing and evolving. Learn why NAVEX is trusted by 350+ higher education institutions around the world.

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Fulfill Your Duty of Care with a Compliance Management Platform

Today’s higher education professionals are continually challenged to do more with less. Working in the most regulated industry—and one of the most disrupted—means a constant push to innovate to meet strict regulations while adapting to guidelines that evolve every four to eight years. Today’s university systems are equivalent to small municipalities, with similarly complex organizational structures designed to serve a diverse community of stakeholders.

In a higher education setting, compliance officers play an important role in ensuring positive outcomes for the students, educators, and employees who make up a university community. Software solutions create efficiencies that enable administrators to reach more people, create better learning and living environments, and ensure no cases fall through the cracks.

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What You Need

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct defines the university’s character, values, core policies and expected behaviors that binds all stakeholders – students, faculty, employees, administrators, board members and third parties – to the ideals of the university.


An automated policy management solution enables the creation, management and distribution of critical policies across the university in all required languages, as well as the ability to secure stakeholder attestation and a policy audit trail.

Role-Specific Training

A scalable ethics and compliance training solution enables the centralized management of a strategic, risk-based approach and provides role-specific ethics and compliance training that adapts to shifting requirements and aligns people to university ideals.

Hotline Reporting and Management

An open and anonymous hotline and incident management channel through which students, faculty, employees, third party vendors and other stakeholders can report ethics and compliance violations and administrators can use centralized case management to track and act on reporting trends.

Climate Goals and Sustainability Management

Specify and aggregate the natural resource impact - including water use, energy consumption, and waste generation - of your campus, and automatically calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) footprints to track how long-term environmental sustainability initiatives are performing against targets.

Third-Party Risk Management

A risk management solution that aligns third parties – including on-campus service providers, facility management, supplemental faculty, and other suppliers and vendors – to the conduct and compliance requirements of the organization and delivers automated, centralized management of the onboarding, screening, risk-based monitoring and administration of third-party engagements.