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Unite your constellation of data with GRC data intelligence

Inform your best outcomes with data intelligence technology that helps you map your sea of numbers to your governance, risk and compliance goals.

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Understand the stories your GRC data is telling

From employee data and whistleblowing reports to third-party risk assessments and regulatory updates, real GRC data intelligence reads between every line. 

NAVEX GRC data intelligence solutions bring you: 

  • GRC data from the different elements of your program 
  • Security and stability from using, analyzing and managing your data in the cloud 
  • Consistent categorization and processing of GRC data 24/7/365
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Achieve more with GRC data intelligence insights

Data insights don’t come easily. You need enough datapoints to recognize patterns and track your progress, but you also need the data intelligence to make sure the data you’re analyzing is relevant to your goals. With NAVEX, you tap into the largest compliance data set in the industry – as well as the learnings, benchmark comparisons and custom reporting insights that come with them.

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Get decisive GRC data at your fingertips

Data unlocks the potential of your processes and people. With industry-specific benchmarking and tailored insights for your board reports, NAVEX GRC data intelligence solutions help you use your data to your whole organization’s advantage.  

  1. GRC Dashboards & Reporting 
  2. GRC Benchmarking

Make better decisions with NAVEX GRC data intelligence solutions

Step away from a dartboard strategy and let data intelligence light your path. Data-driven GRC action awaits.