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Streamline your internal GRC audit scramble

Reduce GRC audit stress with NAVEX One, simplifying data collection and report prep for effortless audit processes.

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Staying ahead of demands requires the right GRC audit software

You play a pivotal role in ensuring audit compliance – but it’s a constant struggle to balance day-to-day tasks with the pressure of audit preparation. Ask yourself: 

  • Are you constantly scrambling to find the right data for your audits? 
  • Do you feel like you’re in reactive mode to audit requests? 
  • Do you question the accuracy of your audit reports, trying to standardize data formatting? 
  • Do inefficient workflows bog down the audit process with miscommunication and errors? 
  • Do you lack real-time visibility into your organization’s risk profile?
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Why do GRC audits feel so chaotic?

Think your GRC audit woes are unique? Think again. GRC audits are a source of stress and frustration for many organizations – but ignoring them isn’t an option. Here are some figures on challenges audit departments struggle with.

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Make GRC audits clearer and more reliable

GRC audits can be a headache, but they don’t have to be. Get clear, easy-to-follow audit trails demonstrating your team’s effectiveness with NAVEX One. Here’s how: 

  • See all your risk and compliance data in one place instead of chasing it across different systems 
  • Make reports everyone understands so everyone is on the same page 
  • Know exactly who did what and when – avoiding the “who approved this?” moments 
  • Highlight risks you might have missed using comprehensive data formatting and analytics tools
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Reclaim your time and end GRC audit headaches

Spend less time chasing data points and evidence and more time adding strategic value and analysis to your GRC program. See how NAVEX One simplifies GRC audits today.