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Building a safer, stronger and more sustainable future through intelligent governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management. We believe confidence in tomorrow begins with smart risk and compliance decisions today.

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Confident Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions

Far and wide, we’re known for our dedication to governance, risk and compliance. 

With more than 13,000 customers across 150 countries, we offer the most comprehensive tools and support to help you better understand your risk and compliance health, and to manage your GRC program more simply and efficiently.

Why choose NAVEX as your governance, risk and compliance solutions partner?

We offer tools to help you better understand your organization’s risk and compliance health. Our solutions are designed to manage governance, risk and compliance programs simply, efficiently and holistically.

Industry leader with the largest risk-signal database

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Innovation at the speed of your business

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Customer-centric service and support

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Solutions for any sized business, at any stage of maturity

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Your partner for a stronger, more resilient workplace culture

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GRC industry leader with the largest risk-signal database

With more risk and compliance data than anyone in the GRC industry, NAVEX offers resources to support your business. Regular benchmark reports compare your performance against peers, thought leadership materials and events, and community resources work together to strengthen your program.

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Holistic GRC management platform

Single source for governance, risk and compliance management with innovative solutions to solve every GRC challenge. No matter your level of program maturity, the NAVEX One Governance, Risk and Compliance Information System (GRC-IS) delivers a unified view of your program, operational efficiencies, and powerful insights to drive your workplace culture.

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Innovation at the speed of your business

NAVEX One Governance Risk and Compliance platform operates at the speed of your business by allowing you to adjust and automate your program to gain valuable insights. We continually improve the user experience with a platform that utilizes shared services with a strong data foundation for quick decision making.

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Customer-first service and support

Customer-first implementation and support gives a maximum return on investment – and it shows in our numbers with a +46 NPS and a customer support satisfaction score of 95%. Your support is built around a team of professionals and on-demand guidance to give the support you need – when and how you want it.

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GRC solutions for any sized business, at any stage of maturity

Whether just starting a GRC management program, or seeking a scalable solution to mature and optimize, NAVEX automates and manages risk while accelerating processes and boosting productivity.

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Get the NAVEX advantage: a resource-rich compliance journey

We don’t just create groundbreaking GRC software – we share our knowledge and know-how, too.

Created with the wisdom of our internal experts and external specialists, our resource library is the secret supporting your success: the latest insights, pro tips and best practices, all honed from our 40 years of compliance expertise. 

Ready to level up?

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Learn more about what NAVEX GRCIS solutions can do for your business.