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Meet Sapin II Compliance Requirements

Tackling corruption and bribery organizations is tricky. Comply with the Sapin II law and the latest anti-corruption laws using NAVEX One.

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What is the Sapin II law?

Sapin II mandates French companies and global corporations in France to prevent and detect corruption and influence peddling, both domestically and internationally, aligning with the Agence Française Anticorruption (AFA) guidelines.  

It draws heavily from the FCPA and UK Bribery Act, emphasizing corporate transparency, internal monitoring and whistleblower safeguards. Stringent measures primarily target large French-based companies with over 500 employees and €100m in annual turnover, or subsidiaries of French parent companies of similar scale.

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Tackling the French Sapin II law

Navigating the landscape of Sapin II Law compliance can be complex, but we’re here to help you tackle the challenges head-on. Here’s a breakdown of key considerations: 

  • How can we streamline the monitoring and adaptation of our company’s processes to align with Sapin II compliance standards, particularly concerning anti-corruption measures? 
  • What strategies can we employ to effectively detect and prevent corruption risks? 
  • How do we ensure ongoing adherence to Sapin II Law training requirements for our employees, fostering a culture of compliance within our organization? 
  • What proactive steps can we take to oversee compliance among our business partners, suppliers, and affiliates?
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Demonstrate compliance and dedication to data protection by the Sapin II law

The Sapin II law is a cornerstone of France’s commitment to combating corruption and enhancing organizational transparency. How does it accomplish this critical task? Let’s delve into its key facets: 

  • Fortify corporate governance structures by implementing robust anti-corruption measures, fostering an environment of integrity and accountability within the organization
  • Mitigate legal and financial risks associated with corruption-related offenses, safeguarding the reputation and economic stability of the organization
  • Promote ethical business practices and cultivate a culture of compliance, instilling confidence among stakeholders and enhancing the organization’s standing in the business community
  • Implement effective monitoring and reporting mechanisms to ensure ongoing compliance with anti-corruption regulations, facilitating timely detection and mitigation of potential risks
  • Align with international best practices in anti-corruption efforts, positioning the organization as a responsible global citizen committed to ethical business conduct

Meet and maintain Sapin II compliance with NAVEX One

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