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Case study
Major University with Diverse Requirements Automates Information Security

About this Case study

Major University Biological Sciences Division uses Lockpath to address vulnerability management while embracing the university’s decentralized structure and open culture. By prioritizing vulnerabilities, defining roles and mapping steps taken, the division was able to take advantage of Lockpath’s ability to streamline and automate processes. It greatly reduced the response time for addressing vulnerabilities.

  1. Industry:
    Major University Division
  2. Challenge:
    32 depts. have their own IT resources
  3. Solution:
    Vulnerability Management
  4. Results:
    100% vulnerability response rate; 77% response time decrease
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    Challenge: Decentralized Structure & Open Culture Challenge Information Security

    A major university’s biosciences division included 5,000 faculty and staff spread across 32 departments, each with its own IT support and unique cybersecurity requirements. These departmental silos prevented the security team from assessing the entire IT landscape. It also created gaps in security controls, inconsistencies with applying security controls and duplication of efforts.

    Another challenge for information security was the university’s commitment to open inquiry and interdisciplinary research. From an information security perspective, freely sharing information throughout the university, with other institutions and around the world introduces risk.

    For the security team, the last straw was trying to follow the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) procedures and controls for protecting government information, operations and assets against threats. The only way for the university division to meet FISMA requirements was to add headcount (a nonstarter) or seek a technology solution.

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