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Daniel Kline

Former Managing Director


Daniel Kline, former Managing Director, International Sales for NAVEX, has nearly 20 years of experience in management consulting and business development in helping global organizations establish and evolve their compliance, ethics and risk management architecture. His career includes positions as Managing Director of CMS Cameron McKenna, Europe’s largest law and tax firm, and as a director with LRN, a leading online training and ethics and cultural consultancy company. While at LRN, he consulted with leading companies on how to best safeguard and enhance the reputations of companies—drafting policies, conducting risk assessments, designing internal communication strategies, setting up whistleblowing systems, designing and delivering live and online training across a wide range of risk areas globally. Daniel began his career at the Corporate Executive Board which included responsibilities of overseeing the supply chain and procurement consulting business in EMEA. A Fulbright Scholar, Dan spent time in Buenos Aires developing a new social and economic policy aimed at supporting Argentina’s indigenous populations. He earned a B.A. in Latin American Studies from Connecticut College.

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