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California’s Senate Bill 553 explained: what you need to know

Starting July 1 2024, any company headquartered in California – or with a location in California employing 10 or more people – must comply with the requirements of the new California Workplace Violence Prevention Senate Bill 553 (SB 553).

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How to comply with California's Workplace Violence Prevention Act (SB 533)

It’s all about creating a safe work environment and equipping your people with the tools to prevent violence and handle threats.


Develop a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan


Maintain a violent incident log


Provide effective training to employees

What is the new California workplace violence protection act (Senate Bill SB 553)?

The new California Workplace Violence Protection Act, Senate Bill SB 553, mandates employers to implement comprehensive workplace violence prevention plans. The law particularly emphasizes protections for retail workers, who face a higher risk of workplace violence, aiming to create safer working environments through proactive and structured prevention strategies. 

Effective July 2024, it requires specific measures, such as active shooter and de-escalation training, reporting procedures, and maintaining records of violent incidents to enhance employee safety across various industries.

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California SB 553 compliance made simple with NAVEX

Responding to and complying with this new regulation could be difficult and confusing while attending to your core business. Training is one critical piece of regulation and luckily, your existing partnership with NAVEX allows you to meet these requirements quickly and easily. Our new Workplace Violence and Abusive Conduct training course is designed to comply with California’s requirements:  

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  • Step-by-step course customization guidance – walks you through how and where to customize the course to address legal requirements  
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  • Engaging content - equip learners to understand their role in preventing violence with interactive modules
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Your California SB 553 Workplace Violence Prevention Act questions, answered.

  • What are SB 553 California's new workplace violence standards?

    SB 553 establishes comprehensive workplace violence prevention standards to ensure employees’ safety across various industries. These standards require employers to implement and maintain a written workplace violence prevention plan, conduct regular employee training, and establish procedures for responding to and investigating incidents of workplace violence.

  • What is California SB 553 about?

    California SB 553 is a legislative bill designed to mandate creating and enforcing workplace violence prevention plans. The bill outlines requirements for employers to assess workplace risks, implement preventive measures, and provide training to employees on recognizing and responding to potential violence.

  • When does California SB 553 go into effect?

    California SB 553 went into effect on July 1, 2024. This gives employers a timeline to develop and implement workplace violence prevention plans and training programs.

  • What is the SB 553 model plan?

    The SB 553 model plan is a guideline the state provides to help employers create workplace violence prevention plans. It includes templates and examples of policies, procedures, and training materials that meet the legislation’s requirements. Employers can customize this model plan to fit their workplace environments and risks.

  • Who needs to comply with California SB 553?

    All employers in California, including private and public sector organizations, must comply with SB 553. This includes businesses of all sizes and industries, ensuring comprehensive workplace violence prevention measures are in place across the state. Employers not based in California but employing 10 or more employees in the state must also comply with SB 553. 

    If you’re not sure if and how your organization is impacted by SB 553, it’s best to review this and other compliance requirements with legal counsel.

  • Who is exempt from California Senate Bill SB 553?

    SB 553 does not have broad exemptions; however, certain low-risk workplaces might have fewer requirements or different implementation guidelines. The detailed regulations provided by the state may outline specific exemptions or modifications.

  • What is the penalty for SB 553 non-compliance?

    Employers who fail to comply with SB 553 may face penalties, including fines and citations from the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA). The severity of the penalties can vary based on the extent of non-compliance and the potential risk to employee safety.