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Whistleblowers are an essential safety valve in ethical organizational culture, providing a mechanism for healthy corporate governance, exposing fraud and corruption, and, more recently, revealing unethical, abusive, and discriminatory practices. But today, they’re imperiled by digitalization, employee monitoring that shreds their anonymity, and vague and evolving regulations that fall short of legal protection from retaliation.

This trends report outlines steps that risk pros must take to safeguard whistleblowers who force transparency, help firms manage risks, and maintain the brand’s competence and the integrity of its reputation. See key stats uncovering how:

  • Whistleblowers are critical to fostering healthy culture but need protection
  • Whistleblowers are besieged by emerging tech, legal ambiguity, and retaliation
  • Ignoring whistleblowers is costly; listening to them is good for the business

For those involved with incident management and hotline intake, capturing incident reports, program reviews and assessments:

  • Compliance 
  • Legal
  • Risk
  • Audit
  • Privacy 
  • Human resources