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Employee onboarding challenges

Employee onboarding is an involved process that requires transparency, accuracy and tracking to ensure compliance and employee adoption of best practices.  

Human Resources (HR) and program administrators often find it challenging to make the onboarding process a positive experience for new employees. With multiple trainings and documents to read and attest to, people can easily get lost or become disengaged – especially when content lives in multiple places and processes are disconnected.

Improve your employee onboarding experience with a holistic, impactful approach

With the NAVEX One GRCIS platform, the onboarding process can be seamless, simple, and easily managed in one central location. This offers efficiency for both the program administrator and new employee.

Simplify the employee experience

NAVEX One puts all vital onboarding tasks such as training, policy and code of conduct attestations, and conflict of interest disclosures in a single view for the employee – with a single log in.

Receive email or link

Link leads to NAVEX One’s People Hub to start tasks

Log into platform

Log in with SSO or NAVEX IdP

View assignments

Review tasks and due dates, listed in the order to complete

Complete tasks

Attest to code of conduct, view hotline information, policies, and complete trainings

Report COIs

Disclose of any conflicts of interest

Access resources

Bookmark NAVEX One’s People Hub for reviewing policies and creation of incident reports, etc.

Clarity to create a unified culture

NAVEX One’s People Hub ensures clarity across each program and policy employees need to engage and be familiar with. It also serves as a resourceful portal for future reference. Your people will always know where to go to access compliance-related information, tasks and more.

Consistent administrator processes

NAVEX One allows program administrators and HR teams to create and manage employee onboarding campaigns. This includes sending and securing attestations for training, policies, and disclosures that are easy to set up and deploy.

Add to group

Assign employees to groups based on their roles

Build campaign

Add in code, training, policies and COI

Deploy campaign

Send targeted campaign to employees

Set expectations

Set automatic due dates for employees and assign to managers

Track completions

Receive notifications and report on completions

Add to ongoing campaigns

Place employees in yearly campaigns

Learn more about how NAVEX One can help you improve your employee onboarding experience.