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Conflict Minerals Management

Conflict Minerals Management Simplified

Integrate Suppliers for Automatic Monitoring

Automatically pull supplier data from an ERP, or request that vendors submit their CMRT reports in a secure online vendor portal. Normalise your supplier lists and maintain an auditable version history of conflict minerals reports.

Conflict Minerals Report Templates

Effortlessly create reports for customers using the standard RMI (Responsible Minerals Initiative) format. Generate Form SD for SEC Dodd-Frank compliance.

Manage Sourcing Risk Within the Supply Chain

NAVEX ESG automatically updates smelter information across the globe with data from RMI and sends alerts when suppliers are out of compliance. Easily evaluate suppliers to diversify the supply chain and make your business more resilient and compliant.

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Mitigate Risk, Meet Reporting Deadlines, and Drive Action

NAVEX ESG makes it easy to track, measure and manage sustainability data across your organisation with insights into performance and risk.


Enviromental sustainability management with integrated standards & reporting frameworks to meet requirements


A responsible supply chain protects your brand, secures materials, reduces risk (plus conflict minerals) and improves supplier relationships


Centralise documents like corporate responsibility policies, environmental ISO compliance procedures, and audit related documents