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Hotline & Incident Management Benchmark Report

Access a treasure trove of insights and data for refining your compliance program! With our popular 2023 benchmark report, you’ll identify emerging trends and practices in ethics, risk and compliance – and learn how your program performance fares against a broad spectrum of organizations and industries.

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We’re committed to doing the right things the right way. Here are some of our latest resources to help you advance your compliance initiatives.

This new Act promises to have a huge impact on the global market’s due diligence efforts. Get up to speed on the extensive legal obligations for safeguarding human rights within supply chains – and find out more about the obligations around third-party risk, whistleblowing and supply chain due diligence for organizations operating within Germany.

Learn how China’s latest data protection laws are shaking up global whistleblowing policies. NAVEX and legal experts from Baker McKenzie unpack the complexities, offering practical tips for compliance with these new regulations.

Unravel the fabric of international compliance standards and the modern art of due diligence! With insights from Carrie Penman, Kristy Grant-Hart and Robert Smith, you’ll gain the human rights due diligence knowledge to help power integrity in action. Hungry for more? You can also find part 2 here!