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NAVEX Newsletter - August 2023

Welcome to the world of governance, risk and compliance (GRC)! Adapting to the ever-changing GRC space continues to be a challenge – but NAVEX is here to help. Here you can find our top resources to help you identify major developments in the compliance space, benchmark your programs and assess your maturity. 

NAVEX Next Virtual Conference 2023 – register now!

Mark your calendars for September 20 – the 12th annual NAVEX Next Virtual Conference is fast approaching. From navigating regulatory twists and turns to fine-tuning your compliance engine, you’ll come away with fresh ideas and practical know-how. You won’t want to miss this!

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We’re committed to doing the right things the right way. Check out our latest resources to help you on your compliance journey.

The future of corporate responsibility is here – and it’s green! With the European Commission’s new Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), companies are waking up to a whole new world of accountability for their social and environmental impacts. It’s more than just regulations in the EU; it’s a roadmap for ethical and sustainable business practices worldwide. Dive into our in-depth article to learn more!

Feeling lost in the world of risk management? It’s not as complex as you think! Our recent webinar featuring Forrester’s Cody Scott breaks down the steps for launching a successful risk and compliance program. You’ll gain insights using examples from NASA’s experience and leave with a clear blueprint for building a brilliant and resilient approach to risk.

Navigating the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive? Whether inside or outside the EU, you should be aware. Our on-demand 30-minute webinar dives into tracking metrics, reporting and global intake channels, offering practical guidance to safeguard compliance and protect your team. Learn the latest updates in this bite-sized summary.

The 2023 State of Risk & Compliance Report

Distilling insights from 1,300 global professionals, our newest risk and compliance report peels back the layers of today’s risk and compliance landscape. Download now to learn what sets mature programs apart, the growing role of information security and the power of data access for compliance teams – plus much more in this popular annual report.  

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