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NAVEX Newsletter - April 2023

Welcome to the world of governance, risk and compliance (GRC)! Adapting in this ever-changing space is now more challenging than ever – but NAVEX is here to help. Here you can find our top resources to help you assess your maturity, benchmark your programs and identify top trends in the field.

Hotline & Incident Management Benchmark Report

Benchmarking your risk and compliance program against your peers is an effective way to evaluate how well it works in practice. This year, NAVEX analyzed a total of 1.52 million reports from 3,430 organizations to provide a comprehensive overview of global hotline reports and program performance.

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At NAVEX, we’re committed to doing the right things the right way. This includes sharing valuable resources that will help you advance your compliance initiatives.

Navigating risk in today’s dynamic landscape calls for agile governance and crystal-clear visibility across your entire organization – from the front lines to the back office. Watch this on-demand webinar where we dissect the essentials of governance, risk and compliance. This webinar delves into the roles, responsibilities and key elements of a data-driven, holistic program primed for success.

Employee experience starts by honing in on desired outcomes. In the realm of compliance, this involves grasping crucial regulatory and culture-building information, predicting employees’ needs, comprehending their work styles, and empowering your people to ask questions and report incidents easily.

What gets measured gets improved – so, how mature is your compliance program? Take this complimentary assessment to evaluate your program’s effectiveness and learn how you can develop the action plans needed to create a high-quality program.

Top 10 Risk & Compliance Trends for 2023

Get ahead of the game with NAVEX’s Top 10 Trends. This essential guide empowers GRC leaders to navigate the intricate risk and compliance landscape with ease, prepping you and your organization for the year ahead.

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