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How to Get Started with Hotline & Incident Management

Employees need to know they can report in whatever way they feel most comfortable, without fear of retaliation. Our world-class ethics hotline and reporting program offers professional intake specialists 24/7/365 with multiple language support. Beyond the hotline, our web intake sites and open-door reporting options ensure you capture more areas of misconduct, spot trends, and take corrective action before minor issues become major ones.

We know every organization is different. These resources will help you establish a credible and scalable hotline & incident management program.

Getting Started with Incident Management

Employers want to make their workplace as safe, respectful and productive as possible. An incident reporting system is one of the most powerful tools available to accomplish this goal, encouraging a speak-up culture and an atmosphere of trust and respect. Learn how to get started with building a program that empowers your organization to realize the benefits of strong incident management.

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Definitive Guide to Incident Management

Learn everything you need to create an effective case management program - from planning to implementing to measuring results - with our comprehensive guide.

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Harassment Investigation Checklist

This checklist will guide the handling and addressing of harassment complaints. From deciding who to interview first, to implementing changes to existing harassment policies, make sure that you cover all 14 key steps to conduct an effective investigation.

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