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Services d’analyse benchmark comparative


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Services d’analyse benchmark comparative

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Pour les entreprises qui recherchent un outil de benchmark personnalisé, NAVEX propose une analyse encore plus approfondie pour vous aider à mesurer l’efficacité de votre programme d’éthique de de conformité et ainsi, à identifier vos lacunes et vos opportunités.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Ethics and compliance program management
  2. What you'll learn:
    • What the two distinct compliance benchmarking offerings are within NAVEX’s Custom Benchmarking Services
    • The key features, metrics and benefits of custom compliance benchmarking and the valuable insights your organization will gain
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    GRC Insights™ Benchmarking Services

    Insights from the world’s largest repository of ethics and compliance data

    Powered by millions of hotline and incident reports collected by thousands of organizations worldwide, NAVEX’s Benchmarking Services help you measure the effectiveness of your ethics and compliance program relative to your industry peers.

    Our Custom Benchmarking Services consist of two distinct offerings:

    • Integrity Metrics™ gives organizations with a strong handle on their data the insights to calculate benchmarks for comparison with their industry peers; it provides 14 benchmark metrics based on the companies in one of our over 30 industry groups.
    • Integrity Diagnostics™ supplies organizations with access to our team of experts to query and chart their data against each of the 14 benchmarks for their industry peers. Integrity Diagnostics offers an end-to-end benchmarking service with board-ready reports delivered upon completion.

    What’s Included:

    Integrity Metrics Integrity Diagnostics
    Benchmark medians and ranges from the organizations in your industry
    Benchmark medians and ranges from all qualifying* organizations in the NAVEX database
    Benchmark data from your incident management system charted against the organizations in your industry

    Key Benefits

    The Most Reliable Benchmark Data in the Industry: With a proven methodology and nearly three million reports gathered in the last five years, you can be confident in the insights gathered from our benchmark data and the decisions you make to improve your program.

    Discover Patterns and Trends: How willing are your employees to report misconduct or suspected misconduct? Are reporters’ concerns being substantiated? Discover answers to these questions and more. Our Benchmarking Services allow you to detect trends in your hotline data so you can take informed, proactive steps to mitigate risk.

    Regularly Track the Impact of Program Initiatives: Determine which program initiatives are moving the needle in reducing risk and strengthening your corporate culture—and which aren’t.

    Engage Leadership in Compliance Efforts: Our board-ready reports communicate the trends that highlight program needs, demonstrate program effectiveness and can help secure resources necessary for improving results.

    Key Metrics Covered in Custom Benchmarking Reports

    • How many reports are you receiving?
    • How quickly are you resolving reports?
    • Are reporters identifying themselves?
    • Are anonymous reporters following up on their initial reports?
    • What types of allegations are being reported?
    • What is the severity of the allegations being reported?
    • How many allegations are being substantiated?
    • How many anonymous allegations are being substantiated?
    • What intake methods are reporters using to submit allegations?

    Benchmarking Data Methodology

    NAVEX’s GRC Insights team queries, analyzes and fiters millions of reports collected by our thousands of hotline and incident management customers to calculate our industry leading benchmarks. All data is anonymized and each metric is calculated at the organization-level before medians and ranges are identified to remove the impact of outliers. To account for the inherent variation in cultures, environments and reporting methods, and ensure meaningful and accurate comparisons, our benchmark data is comprised of:

    • Organizations that received 10 or more reports in a given reporting year
    • Medians or midpoints (rather than averages) to limit the impact of outliers
    • Central ranges that cover the middle 80 percent of data points to provide a contextual range of values and further limit the impact outliers
    **About NAVEX** NAVEX's GRC software and compliance management solutions support the integrated risk, ESG and compliance management programs at more than 13,000 organizations worldwide.

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