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How to Get Started with IT and Third-Party Risk Management

Organizations of all sizes are experiencing the effects of compromised third-party vendors and IT systems. Fortunately, a few key initiatives quickly establish the capability of and culture around managing IT and third-party risks - unlocking an optimized program while rapidly demonstrating business value.

Quick Guide to IT & TPRM Risk

Do you have questions about advancing your IRM program capabilities at your company? This checklist will lend a helping hand.

This actionable resource, pulled directly from our comprehensive guide on ITRM and TPRM, provides reasonable steps and expected outcomes for getting started quickly with both a broader IRM journey as well as an ITRM and TPRM program.

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IT and Third-Party Risk Management Maturity Questionnaire

Part of getting started is knowing where you already are. This assessment will help your team determine gaps and opportunities.

What you’ll learn:

  • Core IRM program elements
  • How to score your competence
  • Key opportunities for growth
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How to Get Started With IT Risk Management

This datasheet is your roadmap quickly starting your ITRM program. Focus on quick wins that lay a strong foundation for increasing automation and efficiency.

What you’ll learn:

  • Where to start with IT Risk Management
  • Focus areas to drive value
  • How to position your program to scale
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IT Third-Party Risk Management Getting Started Checklist

This checklist outlines five steps to getting started with IT Third-Party Risk Management.

What you’ll learn:

  • Where to start with Third-Party Risk Management
  • Questions to ask to build the business case for TPRM
  • How to plan for long-term program scalability and success
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