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IT Risk Management

IT threats are everywhere and growing daily. Incidents require investigation and remediation, while vulnerability data piles up waiting for analysis. Companies need a technology solution that empowers everyone and every process involved with IT risk management.

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IT Risk Management Needs an IT Solution

Today, every company is an IT company. But not every company is equipped for IT risk management in today’s business environment. IT risks introduced by working from home , cybercrime, exposure to third-party failures, and other IT-related issues continue to evolve and threaten a company’s future growth and reputation.

Without a systematic approach to IT risk management, it’s all but impossible to monitor for risk – including those arising from new/updated regulations, system failures, third-party compliance, data privacy – on an ongoing basis. Threats are unique to each department, and information about them may be spread across emails, spreadsheets, and office locations. IT risk managers need a way to turn this kind of operational information into organizational strategy.

What You Need

Centralized Management

Store compliance mandates, policies, and controls in a central location.

Risk-Based Approach

Link IT risks to business risks for an enterprise-wide view of risk.


Create interactive dashboards and drill-down for supporting details.

Incident Management

Perform incident management, from root cause analysis to record-keeping.


Implement API integrations with technology providers.

High Visibility

Collaborate across departments and levels of the organization.