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Retail Risk Management Solutions

The laws and regulations governing retailers are rapidly changing. Meet the specific policy, audit, risk, and compliance management requirements of the Retail industry with NAVEX.

Compliance and Risk Management Software for the Retail Industry

Organizations in the retail industry face unique challenges and risk when it comes to ethics and compliance. Retail companies often have workforces, capital and suppliers that are spread widely across the globe. Workforces are further complicated by high turnover rates, seasonal work and younger frontline employees and middle managers. In addition, industry-specific needs require employees to spend the majority of their time on the sales floor directly interacting with customers. Time constraints mixed with the nature of the traditional retail space leave little opportunity for effective compliance training.

Frontline retail employees engage with corporate headquarters through light-touch relationships which increases the need for enhanced policy and procedure management. Employees need to be able to access, comprehend and attest to policies despite irregular working hours and unconventional workplaces. Similarly, satellite retail spaces require effective communication channels for frontline employees to escalate reports of misconduct up to legal, HR and compliance functions.

What You Need

Compliance Training

Tailored scenario-based training to equip frontline employees with proper skills for cyber security, data privacy and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

Speak-Up Culture

An incident management system that enables employees to report misconduct that happens at all levels of the organization from the sales floor to corporate headquarters.

Automated Policy Management

Comprehensive policy and procedure management to ensure compliance with standards such as COPPA, especially with the increase in ecommerce.

Multi-Channel Reporting

A case management system that uses data from reporting channels to inform compliance program of unique compliance risks at each retail location.

Quality & Safety Management

Effective quality and safety management in accordance with federal and local labor laws.

Third-Party Risk Management

Thorough supply chain management that vets all third parties from franchisees to independent contractors.