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Biotech & Pharmaceutical Risk Management Solutions

The Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries are among the most heavily regulated in the world. NAVEX helps companies navigate the often complex regulatory and compliance-related issues impacting these industries.

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Compliance Management

Life sciences industries such as pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, agricultural and food companies must meet demanding regulatory compliance requirements. From CAP and ISO requirements to HIPAA and FDA regulations, keeping pace can be exhausting. Inefficient processes consume time and hamper business and product development efforts, and non-compliance can result in fines and reputational damage. In the life sciences industry, compliance needs to be seen not as a cost-center, but as a competitive advantage.

Establishing an enterprise-wide compliance program ensures adherence to policies, an understanding of key issues and proper risk management. Ongoing audit reports and streamlined systems decrease process time and ensure accurate tracking. Compliance training can engage employees with real-world scenarios across a wide range of topics that affect the life sciences industry including HIPAA, intellectual property and cyber security. Providing employees with an independent platform to report potential misconduct allows organizations to address issues before they become regulatory risks.

By implementing an integrated risk and compliance platform, organizations can lower the cost of regulatory compliance, streamline processes and demonstrate a commitment to a culture of ethics and respect to their employees.

What You Need

Automated Policy Management

A policy management system that ensures that policies are read and attested to by the proper employees and that policies are written and maintained for accuracy.

Code of Conduct

A code of conduct that engages employees and educates on your important corporate policies.

Compliance Training

Employee training for crucial compliance topics such as HIPAA and conflicts of interest.

Audit Trails

An audit trail that clearly shows training completions and policies employees have marked as read.