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NAVEXEngage Customer Support FAQs



How do I create a user?

From the ‘Users’ shortcut, click ‘Create’ in the upper righthand corner. Enter a user’s basic details and click ‘Save’. Click on ‘Group Information’ and add the user to a group. Users can also be created in bulk through a Create Batch Operation under the ‘Batch Operations’ section of your LMS. Additional details on Batch Operations can be found on pages 57 - 64 of your LMS Admin Guide.

How do I assign a user a course?

From the ‘Classes’ tab of your user’s profile, click “Add”. You can also enroll users through the Bulk Enrollment tool located under Resource Management in the upper right-hand drop-down menu or by creating a Direct Enroll Batch Operation. Additional details on Bulk Enrollments can be found on page 37 of your LMS Admin Guide. Additional details on Batch Operations can be found on pages 57 – 64 of your LMS Admin Guide.

How do I unlock a user?

To unlock a user and ensure they log-in to the system, the Active flag on their user profile should be ‘yes’ (green check-mark) and the Locked flag should be ‘no’ (grey X).

How do I reset a user’s password?

Enter a new password for your user in both the Password and Verify fields on their user profile. You can direct them to reset their password themselves by utilizing the Forgotten Your Password link on the login page.

Nothing happens when I click on “Launch”

Disabling your pop-up blocker will allow the course to open in a new window.

The course window that opens is blank.

Fully enabling or disabling your Flash Player will likely resolve this issue.

The course freezes.

Clearing your browser cache generally resolves most course issues. You can also attempt to view the course in an Incognito/InPrivate window, or try another browser.

I enrolled users in a course, but they haven’t gotten the notification yet.

Check the Notification to ensure that the correct course and Group is selected. If so, you can view the Notifications History and click ‘Populate Notification Queue’ to see pending notifications. The enrollment notifications can take several hours to send, depending on server traffic. You will also want to ensure that your IT team has allowed traffic as outlined in our IT Admin Guide here.