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EthicsPoint Customer Support FAQs



How do I change our System Admin (or main point of contact)?

Customer Support will be happy to help change System Admins. You can contact support by emailing or by calling 866-297-0224.

How do I change my password to login to EthicsPoint?

Passwords can be changed by using the “forgot password” link found on the login screen. If you are still unable to login, please contact Customer Support or your System Admin.

How do I change items on my web intake site?

Customer Support will be happy to assist you making changes to your intake portal. You can contact support by emailing or by calling 866-297-0224.

Do you offer posters or awareness materials?

You may contact your Account Executive or visit for more information.

When will support answer my question?

Within 2 business days

How can I submit a question or support request to Customer Support?

Customer Resource Center, email, or call 866-297-0224

Why can’t I see my cases?

There could be several reasons, but I recommend resetting your case grid to “default”.

What if I can’t find my report key or password?

We recommend contacting the Contact Center and file a new report and mention that you have previously filed on XX date.

Does the Contact Center close?

No, the contact center is staffed 24/7.

What time can I reach EthicsPoint support?

6 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time

How long does it take to make a change to my web intake site?

After scoping is completed, it generally takes 5-7 business days to complete. Translations excluded.

I have questions regarding my contract.

Please contact your Account Executive.

Are EthicsPoint calls recorded?


How do I follow-up with the reporter?

You can post a follow-up through your Incident Manager.

What can a reporter see?

They can see the original case details and any follow ups posted within the follow up section.

Does NAVEX investigate concerns?

No, NAVEX Global is a third party vendor. We do not engage in any investigations.

Who is authorized to make changes to my account?

Designated System Admin or contract/decision making authority.