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How do I change our System Admin (or main point of contact)?

Client Support will be happy to help change System Admins. You can contact support by logging into the Client Resource Center at, emailing or by calling 866-297-0224 and pressing 3 for Client Support.

Who should my users contact for support?

In most cases your users should contact your internal training administrator for password or account assistance and your IT team for desktop assistance. If your IT team is unable to resolve issues internally, please connect your IT contact with us at and we can provide recommendations and guidance.

What does NAVEX Global use to develop courseware?

Our desktop courses are developed directly in ActionScript3, Javascript, and XML. Our mobile courses use HTML5, CSS, Javascript and XML. We do not use any third-party courseware development software such as  Articulate.

Can I access and print a user’s certificate?

No. Certificates are directly linked to a specific completion record for an individual user’s account and can only be printed by the user that completed the course. Administrators have access to Enrollment Reports, which include the status of any enrollment to provide a record of completion.

Are there specific technical requirements needed to use the NAVEX Global courseware?

Yes. A full list of our latest courses’ technical requirements can be found at  If you are using legacy courseware or are not sure either way, please contact us at and we will point you to your specific requirements.

How can I submit a question or support request to Client Support?

You can contact support by logging into the Client Resource Center at, emailing or by calling 866-297-0224 and pressing 3 for Client Support

Can I un-enroll a user that has already started a course?

No. Once a user has started a course, the user cannot be un-enrolled.

Who is responsible for creating and updating my login screen text?

Login screen text should be managed by an organizational training administrator to ensure accuracy. It can updated at any time through the Company Information page.

Information related to Login Screen Text creation and updates can be found in the administrator help guide.

Can I delete existing user accounts?

Existing accounts can be deleted provided the account does not have a training history associated with the account. Any existing user account with a training history cannot be deleted. However, training administrators can inactivate user accounts at any time regardless of training history.

What time can I reach Compliance Training support?

6 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time

Why does my License Dashboard show licenses available for some courses, but doesn’t show any for other courses?

Each course purchase is set up in separate license pools which can be viewed from the License Dashboard. License pools typically have a single course but include all configurations of that course, for example both Staff and Supervisor version. Once the licenses in the pool or pools associated with that course are exhausted you will not be able to add more enrollments for the course without purchasing additional licenses, but your other courses may still have licenses available.

I have questions regarding my contract or I would like to make an additional purchase.

Please contact your Account Executive.

I’ve received a report of someone getting a “Save Failed” error.

The most likely cause of the communication failure can be as simple as the network cable wiggling loose or as complicated as an issue at your ISP, but most frequently we see this error when something on your internal network has prevented the communication from being delivered. If it is seen infrequently, the learner can try closing the course window and logging back into the course to see if they are able to continue from where they left off. The course tries to bookmark every few minutes, so it’s unlikely much progress has been lost. If multiple learners are reporting this problem, please contact Client Support for troubleshooting assistance.

I need to update the customizations within the course.

Changes to customizations requested after a course has been delivered are priced as scoped. Please contact Client Support to receive a quote for the changes you would like to make.

Will I need to make any changes to my Workplace Harassment prevention training as a result of the changes to the law that go into effect April 1, 2016?

NAVEX Global’s Workplace Harassment 6 meets the updated training requirements, so if you have already received this course version you will not need to change it. If you have an older course or are unsure which course you may have currently, please contact your Account Executive.

I’ve clicked on the course title to launch the course, but nothing happens.

This is likely due to a pop-up blocker preventing the course window from opening. Before launching the course, please disable your pop-up blocker in your web browser. In IE 11, this is accessed under the Tools menu. If you do not have permission on your computer to make this change, contact your company’s IT team for assistance.

My course is stalled/freezing and I can’t move ahead.

Your problem may be a corrupted file in your browser cache, clearing the data stored there should allow you to continue through the course. In IE 11, this is accessed under the Safety menu. Select Safety…Delete browsing history and make sure that only the box next to “Temporary internet files and website files” is checked, then click the Delete button. Once you’ve done this, close all browser windows and log back in to the LMS to relaunch the course.