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September 2022 Update solely for Netclaim Services

To increase reliability of email delivery to and from our Customers into and from our NetClaim services, email will now flow through Exchange Online servers via Microsoft in addition to NAVEX NetClaim servers.

NAVEX takes privacy and security very seriously; both are a critical component of our business and our success as a leading provider in the governance, risk and compliance marketplace. As part of our continued commitment to transparency and accountability, and to assist our customers in their own compliance obligations, NAVEX created this page to provide its customers with up-to-date information about the third-party suppliers NAVEX uses in delivering services. The language and contact center service providers supporting our applicable customers utilize individuals throughout the world to support growth in demand for non-English language services. Please note this list does not include suppliers that are ancillary to the delivery of services such as facility owners and maintenance providers or suppliers through which information is merely routed, such as a telecommunications carrier.

Please review your service agreement to determine the services purchased by your business. For additional questions, please contact



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