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White Paper

The Portuguese Decree Law 109-E/2021, General Regime for the Prevention of Corruption (RGCP) PDF

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About this White Paper

The Portuguese Decree Law 109-E/2021, which creates the National Anti-Corruption Mechanism (MENAC) and establishes the General Regime for Prevention of Corruption (RGPC), came into force 8th June 2022, following the approval of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy. The aim of the law is to tackle corruption and the risk of corruption within public and private entities.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Managing a bribery and corruption programme, combating bribery, third party due diligence
  2. What You'll Learn:
    • What the Portuguese Decree Law 109-E/2021 covers
    • How the new 109-E/2021 Law rules tackles corruption
    • Why has Law 109-E/2021 been introduced
  3. Page Length:
    2 pages