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White Paper

Getting Started with Policy & Procedure Management (Part 2)

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About this White Paper

In part one of this guide, we established how to line up the people, processes and guiding principles necessary for the launch of an effective policy and procedure management program. This foundation is an essential first step in maturing an organization’s real-time management of the policies that define proper conduct and business practices. In part two of the journey – implementation – we’ll define how to develop and enforce the policies themselves and ensure they remain in alignment with the organization’s strategic objectives.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Distributing policies, policy management, writing and review, document control, document versioning
  2. What you'll learn:
    • The four stages of writing and managing effective policies
    • How purpose-built policy and procedure software can help you manage your program
  3. Page length:
    4 pages
  4. Read more:
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