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About this Webinar

From what happened to what should have been done, we will delve into anti-corruption practices in France, the role of whistleblowers, and cultural challenges. A real-life case example will be presented to illustrate the reporting process.

Whether you are a seasoned compliance professional or new to the field, this session is sure to bring you new insights into the French financial compliance landscape.

  1. Speakers:
    • Maxime Renahy - Investigative journalist & Whistleblower
    • Aleksandar Bosnic - Account Director - NAVEX
  2. What you'll learn:
    • Recap of Maxime: His Story, Journey, and Recent Achievements
    • France’s Legal & Cultural Landscape for Reporting
    • Explore Real-Life Case Studies
    • Best Practices in Prevention
    • Question & Answer Session (Q&A)
  3. Duration:
    45 minutes
  4. Languages: