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About this Webinar

What you'll learn:
  • An introduction to AI in regulatory compliance and the current regulatory landscape in Europe 
  • The role of AI in regulatory compliance, including benefits and challenges of implementing AI in compliance 
  • Future trends and opportunities of AI and compliance
  • Jan Stappers, director, regulatory solutions, NAVEX 
  • Caro Robson, digital legal, risk and compliance expert

Watch for an exclusive webinar on the latest news from the GRC industry. We know that GRC goes far beyond regulations like the EU Whistleblower Protection – that’s why we rebranded our monthly series to “GRC Latest News”. We’re excited to bring you fresh insights on breaking developments all things GRC.

During this informative session, Jan Stappers, our regulatory expert, will be accompanied by special guest Caro Robson, international expert and leader in data and technology regulation. Together, they will delve into the recent changes in how to use AI for the benefit of your compliance program and address some of the most frequently asked questions.