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Webinar Packet: The State of Whistleblower Hotlines & Incident Management for 2020

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About this Webinar

What You'll Learn:
  • The latest findings from the world’s largest database of hotline reports
  • Expert analysis of key year-over-year industry benchmarks
  • Trends and expectations based on new data cuts for 2020
60 minutes

Learn more about our comprehensive risk & compliance platform.

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Download the Definitive Guide to an Effective Incident Management Program

Organizations with a strong intake and incident management program have better visibility into employee concerns enterprise-wide, become proactive in mitigating risks, and protect their reputation and bottom line.

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Get These Metrics Tailored for Your Company

Our GRC Insights analytics support ongoing compliance reporting with board-ready reports that directly compare your organization’s hotline data against industry-level and aggregate benchmarking data. Learn how to leverage the world’s largest database of hotline and incident management cases to assess your compliance program’s effectiveness.

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