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About this Webinar

Does the cyber threat landscape feel relentless and daunting to face? For many, the answer is an emphatic, “yes!”

Cybersecurity breaches can cripple operations, tarnish reputations and drain profits. To help organizations address this pressing risk area, NAVEX and Risk Crew are partnering for this informative webinar. Watch as experts dive deep into the top cybersecurity concerns and equip you with practical strategies to fortify your defenses and safeguard your success.

Learn from seasoned cybersecurity professionals with extensive experience in protecting businesses from cyber threats.

  1. Watch for fresh perspectives on:
    • The current state of the cyber risk landscape
    • Existing threat actors, threat vectors, threats and vulnerabilities relating to your business
    • Case studies of companies that suffered cyberattacks
    • How to respond to these dynamics and learn about tools to help manage the risk associated to your company
    • Actionable insights to strengthen your cybersecurity posture
    • Practical tips and strategies to implement immediately
  2. Speakers:

    Richard Hollis - CEO, Risk Crew

    Matt Crome - Director GRC Solutions, NAVEX

  3. Duration:
    60 minutes