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Identifying Key Performance Drivers & Obstacles

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About this Webinar

As compliance programs evolve, success can no longer be measured with single data points or isolated program activities. Mature compliance programs proactively address varied risks, inform stakeholders, adapt to volatility, and inspire a culture of ethics and responsibility. In this session, we discuss the key survey findings and how they impact E&C, ESG and IRM across the organization.

  1. Hear more about:
    • The impacts from COVID-19
    • Wavering commitment and competing priorities
    • Utilization of available data – or lack thereof
    • Regulations driving E&C program adoption
    • Risk and Compliance responsibilities still reside in multiple functions
  2. Presented by:

    Anna Ginovker, Carrie Penman & Kristy Grant-Hart

  3. Duration:
    1 hour 30 minutes