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About this Webinar

  • Michael Olver, CEO, Pacific Strategies & Assessments
  • Kathleen Cowans - Sales Regional VP, NAVEX
  • Bryn Jones, Product Specialist, Third Party Due Diligence - NAVEX
What you'll learn:
  • What are Human Rights and why is it important?
  • Where does supply chain due diligence fit in overall program?
  • Why is the focus on Supplier Risk for Human Rights?
  • Best Practice Insights
53 minutes

This webinar will provide you with valuable insights into the importance of human rights in the supply chain, and how to effectively manage and mitigate risks to ensure compliance with international human rights standards.

You will learn how to effectively implement human rights due diligence in your supply chain management program, and the benefits it can bring to your business, including increased stakeholder trust, improved reputation, and reduced legal and financial risks.