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GRC-IS: Next-Level GRC Management

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About this Webinar

Effectively managing risk through today’s global macro-economic conditions, geopolitical turmoil, evolving regulations, and empowered employees requires proactive governance and organization-wide visibility - from front-line workers to back-office applications.  

Michael Rasmussen, GRC analyst and pundit, breaks down governance, risk and compliance to talk about the roles and responsibilities and components of a data-driven, comprehensive program.

  1. What you'll learn:
    • Governance, risk and compliance information systems (GRC-IS)
    • Evaluating and improving your GRC program
    • How to implement GRC-IS at your organization
    • Using connective technology to build a culture of compliance
  2. Speakers:
    Michael Rasmussen and Alison Seville
  3. Duration:
    60 minutes