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EU Whistleblower Directive: Latest News - June 2023

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About this Webinar

  • Matthias Pallentin - Partner, Vangard | Littler
  • Jan Stappers LLM - Whistleblowing Specialist, NAVEX
  • Overview of the German transposition
  • For whistleblowing policies which have local EU annexes, how do you recommend defining Whistleblowing, ideally in a way that works across all jurisdictions.
  • Regarding whistleblowing rules to be respected is there a difference between private organizations and public sector?
  • The Directive talks about the possibility of handling reports locally. Does handling include case management and investigation, or can a local contact manage the case, but investigations must be done by a central team or outsourced agent?
  • Are there any specific provisions for dealing with anonymous allegations?
30 minutes