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E&C and ESG: What’s on the Horizon

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About this Webinar

ESG is evolving – quickly. Expected new regulation and a heightened need for investor-grade reporting is pushing companies to respond. But as the scope of ESG is cross-functional by nature, who is best fit to lead this function, and what role will E&C and risk teams play? Hear from experts on ethics, risk, and compliance as they discuss the intersection of ESG and E&C, what companies are doing to create alignment, and how strategic Chief Compliance Offers can lead on ESG.

  1. What You'll Learn:
    • The critical role of compliance in shaping the “S” and “G” of an ESG program
    • Materiality and risk – building a strong ESG foundation
    • The benefit of creating a shared ESG vision
  2. Duration:
    57 minutes