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About this Webinar

Key topics:
  • E&C training vs financial performance
  • E&C training vs company misconduct
  • Compliance regulations
  • Misconduct and compliance legal fines
  • Ethics and compliance training for legal defence
  • The costs of non-compliance
  • The cost of online training
  • Not all E&C training is the same
  • Ethics and compliance training vs broader compliance programme
  • Kathleen Cowans, Regional Vice President - Sales, NAVEX
  • Ian Painter, Director of EMEA/APAC Marketing, NAVEX
60 minutes

Creating and delivering a quality ethics and compliance training programme is an important function of any compliance department–and for developing compliance programme maturity. Today, having online, modern training in place goes beyond simply meeting GRC laws. Now, an E&C online programme is considered vital to your organisation’s company culture, values, financial and reputational growth.

On this webinar NAVEX will guide you through the ‘8 Facts Your Board Needs to Know About Ethics and Compliance Training’. You’ll walk away with a detailed infographic and primary data you can use to demonstrate the business case for implementing compliance training within your organisation.