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About this Webinar

In today’s corporate landscape, a genuine speak-up culture isn’t just a desired state – it’s a marker of long-term success. Despite this, many organizations fall short, either by failing to truly embody their stated value or by lacking clear policies and training around harassment and discrimination.

So, how can you instigate real change and nurture a workplace culture that embraces open conversation and understanding – supported by relevant, people-aware policies and training?

  1. Watch this session for insights into:
    • The nuances of eliminating workplace discrimination and harassment – and how to approach them
    • The benefits of encouraging authentic conversations at all levels of your organization
    • Strategies and best practices for training and policies that reinforce a healthy workplace culture
  2. Presenters:
    • Ingrid Fredeen
    • Angélique Parisot-Potter
  3. Duration:
    60 minutes
  4. Language: