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Decoding the DOJ’s Guidance: An Insider’s Guide

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About this Webinar

The DOJ recently announced updates to its “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs,” which outlines details prosecutors follow when investigating organizations and assessing the effectiveness of their compliance efforts. Hear from Hui Chen, the document’s original author, to get an insider’s view on how to apply the guidance.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Creating, developing or maintaining a corporate compliance program
  2. What You'll Learn:
    • Background and history of the DOJ’s “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” document
    • Overview of the DOJ as an organization
    • Principles of Federal Prosecution of Business Organizations (“Filip Factors”)
    • How the DOJ guidance should be used
    • What the DOJ is looking for in a compliance program
  3. Duration:
    62 Minutes