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Use Case

Simplify Management of Your Employees’ Concerns & Incidents


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Use Case
Simplify Management of Your Employees’ Concerns & Incidents

About this Use Case

Build trust by investigating and addressing employee concerns.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Incident management and hotline intake, capturing incident reports
  2. Solutions:
    EthicsPoint® Incident Management

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Simplify Management of Your Employees’ Concerns & Incidents

Build trust by investigating and addressing employee concerns.

The Challenge: The Solution:
Today’s organizations cannot afford for inconsistencies and biases to play a role in investigations. Poorly recorded and managed case investigations can result in inconsistent outcomes, indefensibility, the perception of biased or unfair tactics, or even worse, retaliation against the reporting or involved parties. Investigating reported incidents is one of the more important functions and one of the most delicate internal processes. EthicsPoint® empowers you to address employee reports and incidents in a consistent and documented manner. Reduce your organizational risk and help create a culture of trust and respect. Employees can raise their concerns confidentially and, if needed, anonymously. Give them the assurance that their requests will be handled and resolved in a consistent and fair manner. Managers and executive leadership can know that all their data is stored in a central repository, providing an easy way to see basic reports on the reported misconduct, informing and improving organizational policies.

Process: Efficient and Effective Investigations

  • Collect your employee concerns and reports of misconduct through our always available hotline or web intake site.
  • Investigate reports in a timely and consistent manner using predefined processes.
  • Address and mitigate concerns and areas of risk as they arise or as data indicates they may arise.


  • Quick Insights: Preformatted reports help make knowing, communicating and addressing your organizational risks simple.
  • Single Source of Truth: Ensure consistent processes for all reports. Streamline your processes from intake to investigation to case closure, with auditready reporting to provide quick insights into potential areas of risk for both internal and external concerns.
  • Room to Grow: EthicsPoint provides organizations with the tools they need at every stage of compliance program maturity. As you grow, our offering can scale with you, bringing you into compliance with regulations, and providing you with deeper analytics and a more robust incident management program.

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