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Use case
Build a Culture of Ethics & Respect

About this Use case

NAVEXEngage empowers your core values through effective ethics and compliance training.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Ethics and compliance training program creation or management
  2. Solution:
    NAVEXEngage® Online Ethics & Compliance Training
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    Build a Culture of Ethics & Respect

    Empower your core values through effective ethics and compliance training.

    The Challenge: The Solution:
    Training is a key driver of change and improvement in company culture. However, connecting your team to your cultural ideals can be difficult, especially as organizations grow and change, often through adding people and locations. How can you be sure that your strategies are supporting a speak-up culture, reinforcing an intolerance for harassment and retaliation, and creating a sense of shared values across the organization? How can you be sure that your program is anchored to your core values and can scale to address a growing and diversifying audience? Training must be designed with cultural expectations in mind while both informing employees of regulatory implications and driving desired behavioral changes aligned to organizational values. Interactive, relevant and engaging storytelling and illustrations of how and why culture matters aligns diverse teams across the organization to your ethical standards. This allows training to be the vehicle through which organizations express to key stakeholders who they are, and binds employees to their vision and expectations. The NAVEXEngage™ training solution is designed to effectively express what matters to the organization beyond strict legal requirements to personal behavior and ethics. It helps organizations build world-class training programs that are able to scale with and adapt to changing needs and evolving cultural expectations.

    Align to your Cultural Goals

    • Identify how your organization defines its cultural criteria and priorities.
    • Build your code of conduct and express your shared values across the organization.
    • Initiate a training program that addresses ethics, behaviors and cultural standards identified in your code of conduct. Add strength and legitimacy to your training by living into those ideals.
    • Scale your training as your organization grows, through consistent messaging and training initiatives across locations and teams. Celebrate your culture!


    • Improve Organizational Culture: A strong ethics and compliance training program is tied to improvements in organizational culture. Investing in the right training solution helps organizations communicate to its employees and key stakeholders what it values, what motivates it to succeed, and how it defines the best version of itself.
    • Increase Employee Satisfaction: Organizational pride and buy-in to an ethical culture radiates beyond employee engagement and satisfaction, and into the community and market in which it operates. Recognition as an ethical organization is self-perpetuating through its ability to attract and retain high quality executives, employees, partners and customers.

    About NAVEX

    NAVEX’s GRC software and compliance management solutions support the integrated risk, ESG and compliance management programs at more than 13,000 organizations worldwide.

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