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Use Case

Manufacturing Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Protection

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Use Case
Manufacturing Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Protection

About this Use Case

Write, approve and distribute EH&S policies and procedures with PolicyTech®. Train to prevent EH&S incidents with NAVEXEngage®. Gather, track and investigate EH&S concerns with EthicsPoint®.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Environmental health and safety issues
  2. Industry:
  3. Solutions:
    PolicyTech Policy and Procedure Management
    NAVEXEngage Online Compliance Training
    EthicsPoint Incident Management

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Read the Use Case

Manufacturing EH&S Protection

Write, approve and distribute EH&S policies and procedures with PolicyTech®. Train to prevent EH&S incidents with NAVEXEngage®. Gather, track and investigate EH&S concerns with EthicsPoint®.

The Challenge: The Solution:
Binders and paper-based records of policies and procedures do little to prevent or address Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) issues. These critical documents might get updated every three or four years, and are rarely, if ever, referenced by employees. This is a key area of concern for many industries, and the stakes are even higher in the manufacturing sector. With fast-paced factories full of heavy machinery, it’s more than just a worker’s compensation case on the line. If safety isn’t at the level it should be, the ending result could be a matter of life and death. Slow and inefficient, ad-hoc paper-based solutions don’t belong in a manufacturer’s compliance program. Adherence to the policies and procedures that will protect your employees and safeguard your organization starts by ensuring the right employees are regularly reviewing EH&S policies and procedures. Drafting, approving and distributing annually updated policies and procedures across your organization is easy with PolicyTech® and its automated workflows. But it doesn’t stop there. Bring your key areas of concern to life through interactive and realistic training with NAVEXEngage®. And, when an event does occur, a centralized place for reporting, case investigation and remediation planning ensures concerns are visible beyond the foreman. With EthicsPoint® incident management, your leadership team has a clear picture into where risk exists so it can be addressed and mitigated.

Process: Cover All Your EH&S Bases

  • Automate to ensure policies and procedures are regularly reviewed, updated and attested to with PolicyTech. Plus, give your employees in the office or on the floor easy access to all current policies and procedures, with a single, centralized database with mobile-friendly viewing capabilities.
  • Train your workforce on EH&S issues with short and impactful courses that quickly outline key messages and get your employees back to work. All of NAVEX’s training courses are regularly reviewed and legally-vetted by the industry-leading law firm, Baker Makenzie.
  • EH&S concerns represent risks and deserve the same level of diligence as accounting or business integrity concerns. With EthicsPoint you can collect and address all of your workforce incidents in a single platform. Investigations are consistent and centralized, and analytics provide early insights into the root cause of problems to prevent larger issues.


  • Keep Your Employees Up to Date: PolicyTech’s automated workflow makes it easy to keep all of your policies and procedures up-to-date, and ensures nothing is forgotten. Built-in version control ensures employees are only attesting to your newest policies and procedures. Pair it with NAVEXEngage training which can also be set to an automated cadence to ensure your top concerns are top-of-mind for your workforce as well.
  • Audit-Ready Reporting: Each of NAVEX’s solutions are built with audit-ready reporting features to show who has attested to policies and procedures and what training has been completed. EthicsPoint’s reporting provides quick insights into your entire program’s risks, whether those incidents were reported via hotline, managers or web intake.


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