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Use Case

Make Your Incident Management System Do More


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Use Case
Make Your Incident Management System Do More

About this Use Case

Collect cross-departmental issues for a better look at your organizational risk.

  1. For anyone responsible for:
    Incident management and hotline intake, capturing incident reports
  2. Solutions:
    EthicsPoint® Incident Management

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Make Your Incident Management System Do More

Collect cross-departmental issues for a better look at your organizational risk.

The Challenge: The Solution:
When each business unit in an organization has their own method for capturing information, resolving conflicts and documenting incident investigations, the organization ends up with little or no insight into their overall risk level. This leaves no way to ensure company-wide compliance with your own code of conduct or policies. Disparate procedures and databases create gaps in protection for a whistleblower or involved parties. When only a single manager or investigator knows the story, leaders in other departments may not have the context to recognize retaliation. Additionally, multiple reports recorded in different methods could hold a common theme, involved individual or instigator. If these aren’t housed in a common database, they may never be linked together to form a complete risk profile. The challenge is finding true visibility of not just hotline reports, but all allegations of misconduct across departments, locations and issue type. EthicsPoint Enterprise is designed to solve these visibility issues by creating a single, central hub of intelligence that gathers incidents and concerns across your organization. Cases can be automatically routed to investigators based on location, department, type or other categories based on your organization’s needs. Gather the most relevant incident information using intake forms that have unique or shared investigative configurations. Robust reporting and analytics provide intelligence of potential areas of risk across your entire enterprise and down into specific locations, issue types, departments or business groups. This gives leadership the insights to proactively take the necessary steps to remediate and mitigate risk.

Process: Insights Across Your Organization

  • Enable consistent data collection through telephony, an employee web portal, manager report forms and customizable web report forms that feed into a single database.
  • Consistently manage reported issues from collection to resolution by leveraging automated investigator assignments and tailored configurations that reinforce standard operating procedures across your organization.
  • Real-time analytics based on issue and investigation data will enable you to act on the information to mitigate risk and strengthen your organization.


  • Expanded Risk Visibility: Observe new trends, reveal blind spots and reduce wider areas of potential risk across your organization by collecting cross-departmental issues and concerns into a central database.
  • Processes that Work for You: Tasks, reminders, configurable notifications, linkable cases and robust search capabilities help investigators work through incidents consistently and expeditiously.
  • Control Accessibility: Configure role-based or skill-based access to a specific case or group of cases to improve productivity while maintaining privacy. Special consideration can be given to information contributors, your general counsel or an auditor so they see the information they need without compromising sensitive data.
  • Board-Ready Reports: Clear and insightful data provides your board and other stakeholders with the insights needed to take educated steps to address and mitigate risk across your global organization.

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